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About Pastors Partner


Pastors Partner and its founder John Craddock are committed and devoted to the edification and encouragement of Pastors, Ministers and their families.


We offer confidential counseling to pastors.  Having been in their shoes we provide a safe, non-judgmental place for them to be “human” and work on areas where they may have struggles and challenges in their personal lives. Our goal is to always minister to the “man” first, then the minister. We aggressively try to salvage marriages and ministries, maintaining family structure. However, we also offer support in the recovery process. It is our conviction God never gives up on us so we will not give up on them. When it’s needed we provide a recommendation for those needing more in depth counseling to a few trusted professionals.


We offer confidential and corporate coaching to pastors. Having had “success” in ministry at various levels of ministry including starting and leading a church through multiple expansions processes we can help provide insight into the dynamic of a successful ministry. Further with a business background and having served on the board of several non profit organizations there is additional leadership skills available to help pastors succeed in their calling. The truth is many pastors don’t have any idea in how to succeed in business or lead an organization. They know how to prepare a sermon but not necessarily know how to prepare to succeed in ministry.


Pastors, ministers and their families are in crisis. Many pastors, ministers and their staffs are discouraged and frustrated to the point of resigning. All many of them need is someone to encourage them and build them up. They need a place to turn to and a person to turn to who will help them and not hurt them. In the early days of ministry much of the pressures and problems I faced were made worse by foolish counsel from people I thought knew what was best. Later I realized only a few people know how to successfully lead a church or any organization for that matter. Further, trice I turned to a minister about a personal “need” and shortly it was publicized. So Pastor’s Partner is devoted to being a source of help, hope and healing in a way that builds trust. It is our conviction we cannot build up if we are guilty of tearing down.  


Pastors Partner offers both Personal and Professional Help:              


·        Private Counseling

·        Personal Coaching

·        Personal Restoration

·        Pastoral Restoration

·        Personal Assistance

·        Leadership Development

·        Business Development

·        Conflict Resolution    

It is the conviction of Pastors Partner that it is more effective to support, strengthen and salvage a pastor or minister than to start from “scratch” again. Their practical experience, talent and education are of tremendous value to the Kingdom. Further, it is a shame to waste their calling and gifts. Even if it took a year to restore an experienced minister to a position it is way more efficient than to educate and practically train someone who has just been “called”!


Pastors Partner ministry operates under the authority of and is subsequently accountable to Jordan Baptist Church of Lynchburg, Va.  Dr. Melvin Campbell has been its Pastor for over 35 years.  Additionally, the staff has 3 other Pastors with over 25 years of experience.  We believe in and support the local church.  













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