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 Pastors Partner

As a former Pastor who was blessed with great success and also blessed with failure I desire to use my unique experiences to Partner with Pastors, Ministers and their families. Pastors Partner offers FREE CONFIDENTIAL COUNSELING for Ministers and their families. Believe me, I hear from Ministers all the time who have had their trust violated by a "brother" or "sister" who offered counsel. A sad but true reality! Pastors Partner also offers FREE COACHING AND CONSULTING to Ministers. It is our Desire to partner with them to help take their personal life and ministries to the next level! It is our goal to help them navigate through both the successes of ministry as well as the stresses of ministry. AS our Financial blessings allow we offer resources and tools to the ministers and their families! Also we minister to their Financial Burdens as funding allows. 

Abundant Life Coaching 

The most talented and successful people in the world have coaches who help them reach their potential and promise! However, Abundant LIfe Coaching uses Biblical Principles and supports your Spiritual Growth while achieving your goals and vision! After years of experience, It is my Conviction that most people do not need counseling.... they need COACHING! They don't need to spend hours wondering "why". I found that to be nonproductive, as did Paul! What we need to do is focus our faith and energy on the future! How do we Move On or Move Up to a new Level of Growth or Achievement! What can I learn to be wiser in the future?  Coaching also allows you to have a partner who can help minimize your weaknesses and maximize your strengths! It helps you stop wandering in the "wilderness" and start living victoriously in the "promise". It is time to live the Abundant Life in every area of our lives! 

* Develop Faith that Produces Within and Without
* Overcome Obstacles and Limiting Doubts
* Achieve "Secular" Success with Spiritual Growth     


Christian Weight Loss Solutions

CWLS is a weight loss program that uses Biblical principles and a Christian perspective to achieve weight loss success and health management. It is designed to "revive the spirit and reshape the body". It is based on the conviction that achieving weight loss and developing healthy habits is demonstrating Good Stewardship of our bodies and health, which are Divine Gifts! For more information go to .

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