Daily Inspiration and Encouragement           

  "A GOOD WORD makes the Heart Glad"                              
              Proverbs 12:25                                                   
About INCOURAGINGWORD:It's more than another devotional site! 

IW'S PURPOSE: This devotional site is devoted and designed to inspire and encourage you! It is about encouragement and your edification! A daily positive message in a negative world! 

IW'S PASSION: It is our conviction that our "theology" should positively affect our "psychology"!  Our belief is that our relationship with God should positively affect how we relate to everything else in the world(including our potential,"problems",priorities and personal relationships)! Our inner life should impact our outer life!     

IW'S PRIORITY:  It is not IW'S  role to "reprove" or "rebuke" you! That should be left to a personal Pastoral relationship. Our calling is encouragement and edifying others! 

IW'S PARTNERSHIP  Please partner with us by contributing a gift of any size to support the ministry "Pastors Partner". "Pastors Partner" is a free ministry that offers confidential counseling, coaching and consulting to those ministers and their families who are on the front lines of the Faith! 

Please make checks payable to "Pastors Partner". Or Electronically contribute using the "button" below. You will receive an instant receipt by email

                                          Mail to:  Pastors Partner
                                          17281/2 Arkansas Ave.  
                                          Lynchburg, Va. 24501

Please note:Donations are prayed for and will be received with Gratitude! They are deductible for you and will be used wisely by our Ministry!  

The Current Devotions are on "What Jesus Taught About Faith". They will help encourage, equip and empower you for true success.     
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